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Coaching Cards: Type Dynamics

Apply Type dynamics in coaching

Embed Type dynamics into your coaching discussions with this set of 31 colour cards. A catalyst for meaningful conversations, they use our Core Characters™ to unlock one of the most unique and powerful aspects of the MBTI® tool.

The cards are grouped into seven subsets listed below, each of which can be used over a variety of successive sessions driven by the needs of the coachee. Applications include understanding strengths, developing communication skills, and increasing awareness of responses to stress.

  • General introduction – discuss why and how to use the MBTI framework in coaching
  • Type dynamics – use the car analogy to illustrate the occupants' hierarchy of functions 
  • Dominant function characteristics – explain each dominant function and explore coaching issues 
  • Dominant and auxiliary – provide insight into how the auxiliary influences each dominant function
  • Understanding stress – highlight the typical exaggerated behaviours of each function
  • Extraverted and introverted functions – contrast how a function's  orientation impacts on how it is expressed 
  • Core quadrants – explain this recommended model for coaching

Colourfully illustrated with Core CharactersTM these cards bring Type dynamics to life and they are a perfect next step to one-to-one feedback. They make it easy to tailor an impactful coaching programme around the needs of the client.

For more information on how to use these Coaching Cards, see the full instructions.

These cards are included in the course fee of Coaching: Leveraging Type Dynamics where their application is explored in detail. 

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