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The Emotional Judgment Inventory Report

The Emotional Judgment Inventory Report is aimed at practitioners or facilitators involved in coaching, assessing, or giving feedback. It highlights strengths and blind spots when it comes to managing emotional information. The information in the report equips facilitators to enlighten clients on their current perception and use of emotions.

The Emotional Judgment Inventory Report contains

  • A graphical representation of each of the respondent’s seven scores in seven areas of emotional intelligence:
    • being aware of emotions
    • identifying own emotions
    • identifying others’ emotions
    • managing own emotions
    • managing others’ emotions
    • using emotions in problem-solving
    • expressing emotions adaptively
  • A detailed description of how the score is manifested in the individual’s likely behaviour and outlook
  • Statistics based on respondent’s responses

When to use the Emotional Judgment Inventory Report

  • Personal development
  • Selection

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(Note: Access to the EJI is limited to holders of the BPS accredited Test User, Occupational: Personality qualification (formerly Level B) or equivalent. You may also be eligible to use the tool if you are a Chartered psychologist or hold an MSc in psychology - see our EJI open access policy for details.)