Developing Emotional Intelligence Using the EJI

Harnessing emotional intelligence insights

Learn how to interpret and feedback on the emotional intelligence information contained in Emotional Judgment Inventory (EJI) reports.

EJI logoThis workshop, combined with your copy of the EJI Manual, will provide grounding in the concepts of emotional intelligence via a solid understanding of the EJI model. It gives a thorough briefing on how to feedback the EJI report to clients, and shows you how to interpret EJI profiles. This will give you the confidence and capability to answer clients’ emotional intelligence-related questions and assist them in drawing up development objectives and action plans.
1 hour + 30 mins Q&A (Equivalent to 2 CPD hours)
  • This emotional intelligence webinar will give you the knowledge to explain the theory of emotional intelligence and the EJI model to clients
  • You will be taken step by step through the EJI reports and learn how to interpret these reports with clients, including how to interpret and feed back all scales in the EJI; this includes the EJI's Impression Management scale, which can help practitioners to identify respondents who have described themselves in an overly positive or negative way
  • You will discover the various applications of emotional intelligence, learning how the EJI can provide powerful insight for leadership development, customer service and more
  • The webinar involves a mix of both presentation and discussion
  • You will be invited to take part in interactive reflective learning exercises and practical case studies, all delivered by an experienced consultant
  • You will be asked to complete the EJI before the event and will be sent your own personal report afterwards, along with the EJI manual
  • Delivers skills and supporting materials
  • Builds on existing knowledge of trait-based instruments
  • Saves time by giving you the opportunity to hear from an emotional intelligence expert and have your questions answered
  • Holders of the BPS Test User Occupational Personality certificate AND/OR 
  • Holders of the EFPA European Test Users' Certificate