MBTI type and entrepreneurship

All entrepreneurs are Extraverts. True or false?

Get the answer – and much more – with Type and entrepreneurship, a new research study from OPP.

Ideal for practitioners working with entrepreneurs, leadership teams, the self employed or companies who want to be more entrepreneurial, this study gives you the very latest information and findings.

What you get

70+ pages of results and type-related insights on themes such as:

  • What makes people start their own business
  • Entrepreneurial strengths and development areas for each MBTI type
  • How type relates to different aspects of entrepreneurship
  • Which types are most/least likely to be an entrepreneur

How you can use it

  • Coaching and counselling entrepreneurs
  • Helping organisations retain entrepreneurial people
  • Understanding your own approach to becoming an entrepreneur 
  • To approach new clients and markets 

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