European Trainers’ Conference 2018

Thank you for attending the European Trainers’ Conference in Oxford from 20–21 November. We hope you enjoyed the conference. Please find on this site PDF versions of the presentations for your reference. They are numbered in conference running order. There are one or two gaps, for example, where PowerPoint slides were not particularly important, such as for the experiential Mindfulness session.


Session 1: Introducing… The Myers-Briggs Company ..... Petra Merne

Session 2: European Business Initiative Highlights ..... Iain Purchase

Session 3: The MBTI Global Assessment For MBTI Certification Program Faculty ..... Stu Belcher 

Session 4: Step I and Step II Course Rebrand ..... Leanne Harris 

Session 5: Personality and self-awareness ..... Helen Rayner

Session 6: slide handouts not available

Session 7: International Coaching Federation Programme Accreditation ..... Ruth Patten, Ingrid Manning, Leanne Harris

Session 8: Re-energising your feedback ..... Ceri Boycott

Session 9: Is personality changing? Trends in MBTI data ..... John Hackston

Session 10: Why what people tell you about choosing questionnaires is wrong ..... John Hackston


This site will be active until 4th December, to allow time to download the slides after the conference.  If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact me (Ingrid Manning) on