The gig economy and personality type

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The gig economy – the rise of freelance jobs and short-term contracts over permanent jobs – is a key trend of the current and future labour market.

10 year rise in self employment     

But what does it actually mean to people? How do they feel about it? Which personality types are drawn to the gig economy, and why?

We’re conducting research to find out – and we need your help!

Complete our short survey below (it will take you 10 minutes or less) to help us discover how personality type relates to this growing labour market trend. Your input will help us discover which MBTI types are most likely to join the gig economy and enable us to share gig-economy tips for each MBTI type.

Who can contribute to the research?

We want to hear from all employment types – gig workers, permanent employees, contractors or any other type of role you might have – whether you know your MBTI type or not.

Thank you for taking part, your help is very much appreciated.

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