Psychology of Change

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So you heard that 70% of organizational change initiatives fail or don't result in sustained change?

And you want to know how to be part of the 30% that succeed?


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Join our award-winning change management experts over a free breakfast to understand the Psychology of Change.

Whether you design, lead or implement change we will guide you through how and why people react differently to help you to succeed.

  • Improve initial buy-in for initiatives
  • Engage employees throughout the process
  • Recognize and manage human behaviour patterns
  • Create strategies for long-term success


You can come alone, but many have joined us with their colleagues, and we've set the timings to make the most of your time together:

09:00 Gather your colleagues to discuss your goals over free coffee and a croissant.

09:30 Align your thinking to the biggest change you need to make - the hearts and minds of your teams.

11:15 Pose your unique questions to our experienced human behaviour experts and peers in the room.

12:00 Before you head back to the office, take some time to discuss how you might approach the initiative for greater success.

Dates and venues  

London   |  October 15  |  One Park Crescent (view on map)

Brussels   |  November 7  |  Transforma Bxl (view on map)


Please remember this is a free seminar with limited places, so book a place for each member of your team as soon as you can.