Values and competency development

Building the foundations of robust assessment
and development interventions

Capturing the critical values, behaviours and competencies that will drive your business to success can feel like a daunting process. We can help through engaging your people in defining your criteria for success. The Myers-Briggs Company’s experienced consultants will work with you to develop or update your values and competency frameworks so that they articulate the behaviours, skills and attitudes required for business success.

Values and competency dev

Values and competencies provide the foundation for strategic HR processes within organisations, including selection, performance management, development and talent deployment. Values and competency frameworks have a lifespan, however, and need updating to ensure they are still aligned to your longer-term business priorities.

We use our expertise to help you define the key values, competencies and leadership behaviours needed to address your current and future challenges. In our experience such frameworks work best when they are unique to the organisation and not generic models. We work closely with you to ensure that the model reflects your culture and language, to provide your people with a common understanding of what is required of them and how they can drive business performance.

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Defining success - A successful values or competency framework should align with the mission, vision and culture of the organisation. We engage your key stakeholders across the business at different levels to ensure involvement in the solution. We typically begin with the senior leader team, aligning the framework with business strategy. Our consultants are able to draw from a range of techniques to develop values and competency frameworks. Once designed, we can support your communication of the new framework and run workshops to engage your staff in new success behaviours. 

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Evaluating people - We help you embed the values and competency framework within your talent management processes and focus on making them easy to measure. This ensures that there is a consistent approach to evaluating your people for selection, development, appraisals and promotion. This can involve embedding the values or competencies into your selection interviews, assessment centres, development centres, high potential identification, leadership development, personality questionnaires and 360 feedback

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Growing capability - Values and competency frameworks should be aspirational and provide headroom for your staff to develop further and excel. As a result everyone will have a clear understanding of how to benchmark their performance and how to progress through the organisation. We support you to develop the behaviours of staff and inspire a real and sustainable shift in culture.