People strategy solutions

Ensuring your people strategy is aligned to your business direction

As your people strategy is central to achieving your business strategy, it may need re-aligning from time to time. Our experienced consultants partner with your senior stakeholders to ensure your people strategy ties into your business direction. We do this in a number of ways from helping you define your mission, values and competencies to integrating talent management into your core activities.

People strategy solutions

Whether you are seeking to engage key individuals, inspire your wider workforce or make tough investment decisions concerning your future leaders, The Myers-Briggs Company Consultancy will guide you on your way.

The Myers-Briggs Company Consultancy works with you to ensure you have the right people in the right roles to deliver the performance needed for your business success. We combine our insights into people with our understanding of how organisations work to help your get the most out of your selection, development and talent management processes.

We have an impressive track record working with top tier businesses, including more than three quarters of the FTSE 100. We supply the most up-to-date business and psychological research, along with unrivalled expertise in psychometric tools, guaranteeing that you reach your destination.

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Defining success - We work with you to get to the core of your organisation’s unique people challenges and diagnose with absolute honesty the issues you face. This might involve crystallising what you need to achieve with your talent programmes to future-proof your business. It could involve supporting your people to successfully transition through a change in direction. Or perhaps you want to clarify the behaviours required from individual leaders or whole tiers of leadership, through exploration of roles or the wider creation of values or competency frameworks.

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Evaluating people - We help identify strengths and gaps in relation to your own definition of success. This could involve assessing leaders against new or existing behavioural frameworks, measuring staff engagement, evaluating individuals for selection or exploring wider organisational capability against strategic needs. We work with current research, data from your business, our world class tools and bespoke models to ensure clarity about the gap between your current position and your own definition of success.

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Growing capability - Our development solutions are pragmatic, business-focused and challenging. We create thoroughly researched, immersive experiences for your people to catalyse change at individual, team and organisational level. Working with leaders in a 1-2-1 format, our consultants engender deep insights and ownership over personal growth. When working with teams we build honesty and engagement with the change being sought. When working at an organisational level we support you in identifying talented individuals so you can focus their development. We also help your people know how to achieve high performance by updating or developing your behavioural frameworks so there are clear markers for success.