How to deliver MBTI decision making events - new course

Making good decisions is central to the success of any business, and it’s a skill all MBTI® practitioners can now share with staff and clients.

Our new "How to deliver MBTI decision making events" training provides everything you need to create your own "Great decision making" workshops.

The 180 minute course looks at type preferences in relation to decision-making and problem-solving, and is delivered via a webinar.

The workshop you’ll be trained to deliver, Great decision making, explores the impact of personality preferences on how people make decisions. By exploring different decision-making styles, you will enable participants to develop both the practical understanding and necessary skills to enhance their own decision-making and problem-solving capacity, allowing them to make better, more rounded decisions.

This ready made, tried and tested workshop also includes a personalised MBTI Decision-making Style Report; an interactive workbook to use during the workshop; a decision-making ‘credit card’ memory-prompt for decision-making issues; a binder containing facilitator notes; a PowerPoint slide set, and other aids to help you run your own workshops.

To attend the course you need to be MBTI qualified. Find out more about How to deliver MBTI decision-making events here.