Smarter start

OPP consultants deliver first Smarter Communication workshop

Our monthly round-up from OPP’s consultants covers team development, organisational change, and stress and building resilience.

November saw the first delivery of our Smarter Communication ‘train the trainer’ session and workshop. Smarter Communication is a lively, accessible and high-impact workshop that applies core MBTI insights to communication so that organisations can improve individual and team performance, and strengthen communication within groups. Consultants took our client’s learning and development facilitators through the Smarter Communication workshop and then spent the afternoon training them to deliver the workshop internally within their organisation.

Stakeholder communications: team development using MBTI Step II

OPP’s consultants drew on the MBTI Step II framework this month to deliver executive team development in the healthcare sector. Individual feedback sessions and profile exploration led to insights about team members’ preferences, and development needs were identified to improve communication and collaborative working with other departments and stakeholders.

Team support: using the FIRO instrument in change management

Elsewhere in healthcare we’ve used the FIRO-B instrument to support a large and reasonably new team as they make the best of a recent period of organisational change. Our consultants will spend four days with the team in a series of events that will bring the team together and support them to consider new ways of working as they adapt to the new organisational context.

Introducing MBTI Types: building resilience and managing stress

OPP’s consultants have also been out speaking about ‘understanding stress and enhancing resilience through personality insights’ at a local Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) event. The session was designed to introduce MBTI insights to non-practitioners and individuals who may not have yet experienced the MBTI framework.