Ready for DOP

OPP takes to the stage for three sessions at the Division of Occupational Psychology’s Annual Conference, 4–6 January

The theme for the 2017 BPS DOP Annual Conference is ‘Research into practice: relevance and rigour’, and our occupational psychologists are delivering three sessions of insights

OPP’s Head of Research John Hackston and Senior Consultant Nikhita Dost contribute to a packed DOP Annual Conference programme with sessions on the role of gender in decision-making, the relevance of emotional intelligence, and how personality difference affects email use.

Decisions, decisions? Gender differences in decision-making style and self-confidence

This research study from OPP showed that women were more likely than men to take a values-based approach to decision-making, but that this difference reduced at higher levels. If organisations see this decision-making approach as less valuable, it may contribute to fewer women being promoted. Session delivered by John Hackston.

Emotional intelligence: is it more relevant than we think? 

Emotional intelligence may account for differences in work performance beyond that explained by personality and ability measures, but can it be trained? This study, using the Emotional Judgement Inventory (EJI), suggests that emotional intelligence can increase after training. Session delivered by Nikhita Dost.

You’ve got mail – but do you ‘get’ it? Personality differences in email use

Email is an essential tool but can also be a source of stress. This paper describes the results of an online survey into MBTI type differences in the ways in which people relate to, use, and are affected by email. Session delivered by John Hackston.

The conference runs from 4–6 January at the Hilton Hotel Liverpool, and you can read more about it on the BPS website.