Stress Awareness Month part 2

More Type-related insights into everyday stress and building resilience during Stress Awareness Month

OPP continues to support Stress Awareness Month with new resources that explore the causes of, and provide guidance for, everyday stress

There’s plenty of activity related to stress and Type this month – quick guide to everyday stress - coverhere’s a summary of what you can already use, and what is still to come.

Free practitioner resource
Quick Guide to Everyday Stress – handy booklet for those unfamiliar with Type exploring how MBTI insights can be the key to managing stress and maximising performance. Download it here

Free webcast
Everyday stress: avoiding, surviving, masteringwebcast with Penny Moyle and John Hackston.

In the OPP blog
April is Stress Awareness Month – an introduction to stress and the month's activities 

Core Characters – find the easy way to access the power of MBTI Type dynamics with this introduction to our Core Characters.

Inside-Outside Typies – see how the Core Characters relate to each of the 16 Typies. 

Core Characters and everyday stress – see what happens to Core Characters when they are subject to everyday stress.

Core Characters in the grip, which explores what happens to Core Characters when stress takes them ‘into the grip’, will be published in the blog soon, as well as tips for keeping the balance and recovering from stress.

Remember, you can also find out more about OPP’s solutions for stress management and building resilience here.