MBTI insights help boost social mobility

OPP supports Legal Social Mobility Partnership with MBTI assessments

Led by ITV, the LSMP is a collaboration between law firms and commercial organisations whose aim is to help young people from less privileged backgrounds to start a career in the legal profession.

OPP is one of more than 30 organisations – including Microsoft, Co-operative Bank, Adidas, LexisNexis and the Manchester United Foundation – who comprise the LSMP, and is delighted to contribute to young people’s development in the Work Insight and Skills Programme.

For the second successive year, OPP is supporting the programme by providing MBTI assessments for all participants attending ITV days held in London, Manchester and Leeds.

The LSMP programme was launched in 2014 and has grown quickly. Last year it had 106 students, and this year the number is set to increase to 200.

By gaining an understanding of MBTI Type, participants learn to recognise their own strengths and blind spots – supporting better communication, decision-making, resilience and teambuilding. This personal development, alongside the legal skills training and guidance offered throughout the programme, will help these young adults to find personal and professional success.

“This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience a variety of corporate settings, from law firms to technology and media companies. They get to experience a variety of people, working environments and cultures – all of which will fundamentally change the way they perceive their options after school. Suddenly their view of the future is a different one. The limits have been lifted and they are not just inspired but empowered to fulfil new ambitions.”
John Dowd, Headmaster, Haverstock School

Find out more about the Legal Social Mobility Partnership at ITV Responsibility.

The 2016 Work Insight and Skills Programme takes place this summer.