CareerClover helps identify the ideal career

OPP launches CareerClover, a new career path test service that enables every jobseeker to find a career that fits their personality

CareerClover allows jobseekers to find the career path that best suits their personality, skills and unique traits. It helps jobseekers answer the fundamental question “What career would suit me?” before searching for or accepting a new position.

CareerCloverThe launch of CareerClover is a real landmark for those who want to combine finding a job that pays the bills with one that delivers personal satisfaction.

The service is aimed at anyone seeking a new career, whether they’re fresh out of college or looking for a change of direction. It enables users to tap into a new way of thinking and self-analysis before beginning the application process.

The CareerClover website includes a range of resources covering many aspects of the career-search process. These materials were created by career and psychology experts to benefit jobseekers in the UK and US, addressing specific career advice relating to personality characteristics.

CareerClover uses the 16PF® questionnaire, which is designed to measure what individuals actually do, including behaviours, thoughts, and emotions. This depth of information is highly insightful when making career decisions.

The launch of this innovative new service is great news for all jobseekers; and for employers too, as it helps candidates self-select into careers and companies where their skills and talents will be most effective. 

For more information, visit the CareerClover website.