Coaching Systems


Coaching Systems is the leading user of MBTI® in the Czech Republic, and  was the first The Myers-Briggs Company Alliance Partner in the region. Our philosophy is based on interconnecting the MBTI® instruments with tailored training. In training, we adhere to a unique coaching approach which enables us to boost client’s productivity.

Our goal is a satisfied, successful client. We achieve this by helping organizations, teams and individuals to reach their full potential and be effective in hitting their objectives. Our training programs are focused on a “hands on” approach, including practical skill training in frequently encountered situations, and are designed so that clients will see an immediate impact on and improvement in work results.

Our most popular training courses are: “MBTI® in Sales, in Teams and in Leadership”; “Acquisition” (Red & Blue Ocean Strategy, Unique Value Proposition); “Networking” (Speed Business Meeting, The Hidden Power of Networks); “Academy of Coaching Excellence” (MBTI® in Professional Coaching, Getting Coaching Skills).

Coaching Systems have received these awards: The Myers-Briggs Company Alliance Partner; European Quality Award (European Mentoring & Coaching Council); DDI Partner, ORSC at Work, GPOP, Gestalt Coaching Certificate (Academy of Executive Coaching).


Name Coaching Systems
Street Badeniho 3
City Prague
Country Czech Republic
Phone +420  731 186 169, +420 272 731 401



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