Head of UK Professional Services

The Head of UK Professional Services is responsible for the delivery of certification training and consultancy services in the UK

How this role fits into the business

This operationally strategic role heads up the Professional Services department and plays a key part in driving the recovery of The Myers-Briggs Company post Covid-19 as well as aligning Professional Services with the strategic direction of the business.

Key responsibilities  

Leading the UK PS business

  • Ensure that UK Professional Services revenue, both training and consultancy, is delivered to meet clients needs and expectations, maintaining the company’s professional standards, resourcing appropriately with relevant qualified staff/associates as well as overseeing the profitability of assignments and the overall department
  • Responsible for proposing/setting strategy for UK Professional Services that supports and compliments the wider company strategy.  Ensure the knowledge, skills and experience of the trainers and consultants is leveraged in the development of new company products and services
  • Work with Sales and Consultancy Operations as part of the BIDs team to review new consultancy opportunities. To oversee the BD process, manage consultancy resource and support the team in responding to new opportunities, winning work, project managing and delivering all consultancy engagements
  • Work with the Professional Services Operations Manager to ensure that the public training schedule is launched by end of Q3 for upcoming year. Ensure public and inhouse training resourced and successfully delivered, working with Trainers and Operations
  • Work closely with sales and marketing colleagues to ensure that appropriate campaigns and/or collateral are available to promote and sell PS offerings (training and consultancy).  Ensure that strong relationships are built between PS and sales to support effective and collaborative work on business development
  • Work with regional PS leaders and sales colleagues to systemically drive toward greater consistency in the operation and delivery of consultancy services across TMBC offices to ensure the efficient development and profitable delivery of multi-territory client work
  • Ensure efficient and effective processes are in place to support business development, operations and the design and delivery of work.  Set a culture in UK PS of continual improvement, consistency, quality and tracking key metrics to monitor the health of the UK PS function
  • Support with delivery on client projects as and when needed

P&L responsibility and utilisation

  • Manage the UK PS P&L to deliver positive net margin/contribution
  • Ensure annual budgets are built for the UK business and link these to resource and utilisation plans for PS staff
  • Set and annually review utilisation targets for PS staff balancing delivery with other work that supports the wider business and priorities
  • Ensure adequate staff and associates are available, with the necessary skill, knowledge, and experience to meet delivery requirements.  Strive for a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective resource model
  • Ensure that Consultancy client delivery projects and Training programs are realistically costed to support profitable revenue generation and organise profitability reviews as appropriate (note: sales prices and therefore planned margin are the responsibility of sales leadership and product managers respectively)

Quality, client satisfaction and impact analysis

  • Ensures that direct reports and their teams’ work are of the appropriate quality, meeting customer needs, delivering high quality solutions in a pragmatic and profitable way
  • Ensures consultants and trainers are appropriately developed and trained to develop business (business development work happens in conjunction with the sales team) and to design and deliver standardised programs and consultancy
  • Ensure relevant processes are in place to monitor and manage quality.  Ensure customer feedback and complaints are recorded and handled professionally, following the company complaints policy.  Ensure feedback is provided to both recognise achievement and address performance issues.  Systematically use customer feedback and evaluation data to provide the rest of the business with insights into customer needs and to drive quality improvements
  • Ensure that impact analyses are promoted to customers and where possible built into consultancy interventions.  Encourage and support the development of case studies working with marketing to produce these
  • Ensure that all aspects of the administration of learning programmes and consultancy projects are carried out efficiently and to appropriate quality standards.  

Leadership of line managers and teams

  • Achieve or exceed the behaviours required of managers in The Myers-Briggs Company.  Strive to role model company values and behaviours
  • Lead and manage the direct reports and teams effectively: recognise, develop, motivate, and engage individuals and teams.  Ensure succession plans are in place for key roles.  Develop managers in the line to become excellent people managers
  • Recruit talented staff, develop, and retain them.  Actively manage attendance and ensure that any performance issues are addressed in a timely manner
  • Conduct regular (monthly) one to ones, run performance reviews, set challenging and achievable goals.  Ensure that managers hold regular team meetings
  • Encourage employees to take responsibility for making their agreed Personal Development Plan (PDP) activities happen.  Provide the support, facilitation, and planning to ensure this is possible. Be resourceful in seeking out development opportunities at no/low cost and through use of available L&D budgets.

Support for the wider business

  • Work closely with Product Management to ensure that standard programs, e.g., certification programs, are maintained and developed to meet the needs of the market and ensure practitioners are trained effectively.  Ensure that there is a steady drive towards greater consistency in the syllabus, learning outcomes and materials used on standardised programs across the world
  • Work closely with Product Management and Marketing to ensure that PS resource and insight is provided, in line with company priorities, to the development or review of content for new products, programs and marketing campaigns and events
  • Work with HR Department as directed by the VP HR/OD on internal staff development projects and supporting the business with recruitment as and when necessary


This job profile is current as at the date shown below.  In consultation with the post-holder it is liable to variation by management to reflect or anticipate changes in or to the job. To view the full job description please click here.