Developmental Editor

The primary function of the Developmental Editor is to provide developmental editorial services to support the production of learning content as part of the Content Services team and to provide general editorial services, as required, as part of a pool of editorial resource within the Content Services team.

Role purpose

The role holder will work closely with internal and external authors, subject matter experts and our design function, taking direction from our Product team and producing production ready copy. It is expected that the role holder will interpret curricula and design for a target audience and desired delivery mechanism, shaping content provided by authors in to completed and published content that meets project objectives. Responsible for both the planning and organisation of the Developmental Editing aspects of projects.

How this role fits into the business

This role sits within the Global Content Services and Digital Strategy team. This team/department contributes to the overall success of the business by the creation and maintenance of revenue generating content. Specifically Content Services support business initiatives that create and maintain new products and services. Typically these are design and editorial services for the production of psychometric assessments and reports, supporting published products (reference texts, end user workbooks) and production of practitioner and end user education materials. The department also provides support for the related translation processes and supports our research group by publishing research notes and supporting documentation.  

The department is undergoing a transformation from print 1st to digital 1st production, working to develop new digital products and services and developing and improving development, production, quality assurance and release processes. Increasingly content is produced in digital delivery formats and needs to be integrated with customer facing platforms.

Key responsibilities

Developmental Editing and production support:

  • Provide developmental editing services for digital and print products, through all stages of the development process. Products include learning and support materials for Practitioners of The Myers-Briggs Company assessment materials, the assessment and report materials and a range of other revenue generating digital and print products such as reference manuals. The work will consist of a mixture of developmental editing of learning materials and copy-editing work. The balance will vary according to current demand.
  • Ensure that editorial and learning requirements are defined in conjunction with stakeholders (typically from the Product team). Ensure that editorial requirements are met and support the objectives of project, the market goals and appropriately address the target audience. Working closely with the Content Services designer.
  • Work with Content Authors and Subject Matter Experts. Able to elicit requirements and work collaboratively.
  • Editors need to build, contribute and maintain glossaries for core product sets, to ensure consistency of use of language.
  • Work with editorial functions across the business to develop and maintain audience-based language styles and be able to adjust language provided by authors to meet the needs of our target audiences, whilst accurately representing the intentions of the author.
  • Assess original content and work with colleagues to ensure content is technically correct, raising and resolving queries as appropriate.
  • Review and edit content created by colleagues to a high quality, applying house and series styles, ensuring text is appropriate for the audience and purpose, is complete, clear, consistent and free from grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Check copyright and trademark details, liaising with colleagues and partner organisations where appropriate.
  • Prepare electronic and paper files as necessary, marking up copy appropriately for design agencies and other third parties.
  • Apply layout and style to Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, developing layouts for new materials and templates where appropriate.
  • Liaise closely with other departments during the project process as necessary, e.g. IT, design agencies or print production.
  • Supports the production editing process: proofreads, checks and applies house style and branding across all content.

Transformation and improvement:

  • Working with stakeholders and other members of the Content Services team to review processes, input to improvement programs and implement changes to design and related production processes.
  • Keep informed of editorial and production technologies, tools and best practices, digital publishing process and practices and resource sourcing options and costs. Use this information to support the Content Service team in the transformation and optimization of the Content Services function.
  • Develop and maintain standards and processes for executing editorial and production processes through all stages of the design component of product development, including file/asset management and version control processes.
  • Keep informed of methods and techniques of improving engagement and learning in corporate learning, especially in the area of instructional design.

Resource management:

  • Effectively manage workflow, multiple simultaneous priorities, and emerging business needs.
  • Maintain and manage the pipeline of design service requests, highlighting potential challenges and bottlenecks in advance. Providing management with alternatives to achieve planned outcomes.
  • Develop, monitor and adjust own project plans. Contributing resource, time and cost estimates as required. Monitor and report on progress, costs, variance to budget and release dates.
  • Provide regular communication to the Content Service team on the status of active projects and any risks or issues. Provide updates to project teams as required.
  • Work effectively with external suppliers and freelancers when required. Generate comprehensive briefs, statements of work, obtain supplier quotes and negotiate contracts, supervise outsourced work, ensure quality standards and timely delivery.


This job profile is current as at the date shown below.  In consultation with the post-holder it is liable to variation by management to reflect or anticipate changes in or to the job. To view the full job description please click here.