Saville Assessment test

The optimal tool for screening out and selecting in

The Saville Assessment aptitude assessments portfolio can be used to screen out large numbers of applicants for a role, and then select in the cream of the crop.

The Saville Assessment series of cognitive ability assessments helps recruiters be confident of adopting an effective, fair and ethical approach to ability testing. The tests measure candidates' aptitude in a variety of workplace contexts, saving you time and money during the selection process by adopting a two-tier structure for first screening out large numbers of applicants, and second selecting in the best of the smaller pool you have identified.

  • Starts with unsupervised online combination assessments that enable you to confidently sift through a large number of initial candidates without having to organise test-taking at your premises
  • Bolts on a series of targeted paper-based aptitude tests to be administered in a controlled environment to a smaller number of candidates, allowing you to invest your time only in those you know have potential
  • Includes suites of tests within three broad areas of aptitude: Analysis, Comprehension and Technical
  • Breaks down into specific types of test measuring numerical, verbal, diagrammatic, spatial, mechanical and error checking aptitudes
  • Ideal for use with one of The Myers-Briggs Company’s personality assessments, such as the CPI 260® instrument
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Using aptitude tests from the Saville portfolio allows you to be sure of the ethical and fair nature of your selection process. When used in conjunction with an appropriate The Myers-Briggs Company personality assessment, these tests will give you a comprehensive and rounded picture of your future employee and provide a positive, transparent experience for them as a candidate.
In order to maintain rigorous standards of quality in the field of personality assessment, access to the Saville range is restricted to those holding the BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability qualification (formerly Level A).