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Important information for customers of the Emotional Judgement Inventory (EJI) assessment

In line with The Myers-Briggs Company’s future strategy, a portfolio review has been carried out and as a result we will no longer be distributing the Emotional Judgement Inventory (EJI) assessment from 31st October 2021.  We will transition all business in relation to the EJI to PSI Services with effect from 1st November 2021.  PSI Services will take over sales and support from this date.
Any reports generated on OPPassessment between now and the end of October 2021 will be available to re-download from us for a period of up to 60 days after the transition date of 31st October 2021, namely until 31st December 2021 only.
Please contact our Customer Support team if you need any further information prior to this date and the PSI Customer Support team for any purchases after this date.

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We offer The Emotional Judgment Inventory™ Report through our online platform OPPassessment.



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