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1  x MBTI® Step II™ User's Guide 

MBTI® Step II™ User's Guide

Practitioner’s Tool For Making The Most Of Step II™ Interpretations

Sharpen your Step II interpretation skills with this invaluable practitioner’s tool.

This essential MBTI Step II resource offers practical insights into administering and interpreting the MBTI Form Q assessment for maximum results.

The 120-page guide provides:

  • New perspectives on personality type and the Step II approach
  • Detailed practical advice that will enhance your work with clients
  • An overview of the historical, theoretical, and practical contexts that underlie the Step II assessment
  • Expanded information on each of the 20 facets, including how they are scored and interpreted
  • Specific tips on how to administer the assessment, explain the results, and avoid misinterpreting the detailed information that the Step II tool provides

In addition to a new and improved design, this refreshed version also features updated MBTI language to help simplify type concepts, and updated references to the refreshed MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report.