MBTI® 'How to' workshops

Ready-made development events for MBTI practitioners

Widen your repertoire as an MBTI practitioner on a 'How to' workshop - everything you need to deliver an MBTI event in a box.

Once qualified to use the MBTI instrument, you're ready to apply the power and insight it brings to a wide range of business issues. If you want to jump straight in with tried and tested materials, building confidence and saving on design time, choose an additional 'How to' workshop. 

'How to' workshops show you how to deliver the content of a range of pre-designed modules, providing everything you need - from detailed facilitator notes to ready-made PowerPoint slides. These events cover issues from communication to teambuilding, and package up The Myers-Briggs Company's knowledge and proven exercises into a complete workshop - everything you need to deliver a development event yourself.

If it's been a while since you put your MBTI qualification into practice, why not attend our MBTI Refresh and Reconnect workshop? You'll discover a range of new and exciting practitioner materials to help you apply type to your own and your clients' life-long development journey.