Smarter Communication

Run workshops to help improve communication in your organisation

Smarter Communication is a lively and high-impact half day development workshop providing great value for organisations looking to improve individual and team performance. Designed by The Myers-Briggs Company’s consultancy team and delivered by staff in your organisation, this workshop applies the core insights of the MBTI® framework to strengthen communication within groups.

Organisational success relies on good communication and influencing. If information can be transmitted and received effectively, the organisation can run smoothly and efficiently. Poor communication, on the other hand, leads to the misunderstandings that underlie missed deadlines, poor motivation and wasted time and effort.

Suitable for everyone, whether familiar or unfamiliar with the core concepts of personality preference and the use of Type theory, our Smarter Communication package trains managers and facilitators in your organisation to develop others in the art of communication and influencing. Our consultants will explain how the Smarter Development approach works, equipping your facilitators with everything they need to run communication workshops in-house.

  • Great value for money – puts the workshop in your hands, with flexible and tailored support to deliver with no on-going license fees. No previous experience required
  • Exposes staff at all levels to the core of the MBTI framework in a cost-effective way
  • Provides a clear introduction to using Type theory for development, which can lead to further exploration of MBTI Step I and Step II
  • Creates a common framework and language for individual and organisational development
  • Upskills and trains facilitators and line managers to lead this internal workshop
  • Can be delivered by staff who are not qualified MBTI practitioners
  • Supplies all necessary participant and facilitator materials
  • Your organisation’s logo and other customisation can be added to materials
  • Further workshop rollout assistance from The Myers-Briggs Company consultancy team available if required
  • We will work with your internal team to provide tailored support to upskill them to deliver this workshop. This will be based on the experience of those you have identified to deliver the workshop
  • Reusable trainer materials including posters, slides and facilitator notes
  • Participant materials including workbooks and Introduction to Personality Differences booklet
Smarter Communication is the first of The Myers-Briggs Company consultancy’s Smarter Development Series workshops. Phone us on +44 (0)1865 404610 to find out more.