Stress awareness

New type resources, including type-related tips, for managing stress and building resilience

April has been Stress Awareness Month, but of course, stress is an all-year-round issue. OPP has created some new resources to help raise awareness of stress and personality type

Practitioners who want to raise awareness of stress and help people to manage stress can enjoy two new resources from OPP.

NEW: stress infographic

Did you know that stress accounts for 45% of all working days lost due to ill health in the UK? Or that 77% of people in the US regularly experience physical symptoms that are caused by stress? 

Our new infographic includes headline statistics, plus top-level stressors and tips, to make the issue of stress more visible in the workplace. With this infographic, practitioners can help clients to raise awareness.

NEW: type tips for everyday stress

When talking about stress, we use type dynamics and the Core Characters to demonstrate what happens to different personality types. Our new, easy-to-share type tips for managing everyday stress provide a tip for each Core Character – pass them on, share them on social media!

More stress resources

If you missed our stress awareness campaign last year, check the following:

Find out more about stress and building resilience.