New disability guidelines now available

We have just published the latest version of “Guidelines for the use of psychometric assessment with disabled people”

These guidelines include information on the UK Equality Act 2010, notes on testing people with various disabilities, interpreting test results, and a comprehensive list of contact details for further information.

DownloadThe guidelines outline some of the issues involved in testing disabled people and present practical suggestions for some of the problems that may arise. If you need further persuasion as to why this information is vital, consider the following (taken from the document’s Introduction):

“Disabled people have a big contribution to make to British industry and commerce, but they are under-represented in the workplace. Indeed, disabled people are five times more likely to be unemployed than other people of working age. Psychometric tests and questionnaires are one of the most objective and fair methods of selection, but they are often seen as a barrier to the employment of disabled people. This should not be the case.”

The aim of this guide is to help organisations and HR professionals use tests in an inclusive way, in order to recruit the best person for the job, irrespective of whether they have a disability.

Guidelines for the use of psychometric assessment with disabled people is just one of the many free resources available in the Practitioner downloads section of our website.

(Note: although this document relates to UK law, it provides some useful general principles for dealing with disability).