Introducing the Emotional Judgment Inventory

New tool examines Emotional Intelligence – a measure with strong links to positive business results

OPP has just launched The Emotional Judgment Inventory (EJI™). The tool gives a robust measure of emotional intelligence that can help boost business performance in the areas of leadership, influencing, negotiation and resilience.

EJI logoThe EJI measures seven key aspects of emotional intelligence, showing how well respondents identify and manage emotions, and how well they can adapt and problem-solve using emotional information.

Its numerous business benefits include:

The EJI is available now through OPPassessment. To administer the tool practitioners must be BPS-qualified with Test User, Occupational: Personality (formerly Level B) training.

OPP also runs a training session for the EJI for BPS-qualified practitioners, to illuminate the EJI manual and offer advice on how to feedback the Emotional Judgment Inventory Report.