Training Practice Manager

To manage the delivery of the public and ‘inhouse’ training programmes to ensure consistent delivery, to a high standard providing appropriate support for the development of practitioners.

Role purpose:

To provide a responsive and adaptable approach to delivering client requirements for in-house certification programmes both in the UK and Europe (when requested by other offices). To manage directly the trainers in the training team, supporting, developing and growing their capabilities to ensure full coverage of the training functions and develop their skills in selling and project managing client engagements. To apply the insights and professional ethics guiding Occupational Psychology in the commission of this work. To work with the Head of PS, Europe to develop and maintain a cohort of internal trainers and external trainer associates to maximise flexibility and ensure we can meet training delivery demands with maximum efficiency. To plan and support the development of all trainers across PS and the wider business to achieve a high level of delivery in line with the training upskilling requirements specified by the Global QA team.

The purpose of the Training Practice Manager is to support the smooth operation of the wider Professional Services function. This will include, covering trainer sickness/absence, authorising associate bookings, handling customer feedback and complaints, escalating as appropriate (ensuring the voice of the customer is updated), observing and co-delivering trainers on a cycle to ensure consistency, quality and development is continuous, creatively supporting the resourcing for all PS offerings. Becoming upskilled in the certification and application programmes and then delivering 20% chargeability across training and consultancy offerings (including certification training in MBTI Step I, Step II and FIRO). To ensure that the trainers are able and motivated to take on projects when working directly with other functions such as product management, QA, Thought Leadership and Marketing.

How this role fits into the business:

In addition to managing the delivery of our training offerings, the Training Practice Manager will be based in our Oxford office to be able to work closely with the Trainers, Operations and Consultancy teams to ensure the smooth running of the Training Practice and support the smooth operation of the wider Professional Services function.

Key responsibilities:

1. Main Duties

  • Provide effective line management to Trainers in the Training Team, foster their development across the full range of skills required of trainers and support extension into consultancy delivery across the UK PS function. 
  • Work with the Operations team to ensure that the training programmes are fully resourced, individual trainers provided with the opportunity for variety and balance where possible and development of the full range of PS skills. 
  • Plan and support the effective delivery of public and in-house training to meet quality, revenue and margin requirements for the UK training business. 
    Create and maintain a cohort of trainers across the UK business and with external associates to maximise revenue generation and margin across the year. Ensure effective communications, contracts compliance and quality.
  • Work with the Head of PS, Europe to support both the provision of resource to deliver appropriate consultancy engagements and to develop the consultancy skills of the trainers across the full PS range of services when working on internal product development/TL/QA/Marketing projects or directly for external clients.
  • To monitor and report on the key metrics for the training delivery for the UK business including targeted utilisation, meeting agreed resourcing SLAs, evaluation results for trainers and events, profitability margins and to work with the Director of PS Europe and Head of Operations UK and to minimise overheads and plan any changes to the schedule required in a timely manner. 
  • To personally deliver 20% chargeability on training and consultancy activities.

2. Line Management  

  • Effectively manage the training team, share and invite regular feedback from individuals, conduct performance reviews and development activities in line with company process, and grow short term skill gaps and develop longer-term capabilities in line with the business plan.
  • Ensure direct reports are supported to meet their chargeable utilisation targets and development milestones in an appropriate manner.
  • Make use of assessment centres and other recruitment activities, to select new trainers, to meet the business need.
  • Foster a ‘can do’ attitude culture in the team (in line with our values and behaviours) and encourage trainers to stretch and grow in line with their motivation and capability. 
  • Encourage direct reports to work toward chartership as an Occupational Psychologist, encouraging and supporting progress and targeting completion within 3 years.
  • To act as a ‘project manager’ lead on any non-standard training programmes for ‘inhouse clients, supporting the scoping, costing and management with resource from the PS team as appropriate. Supporting team and developing skills.
  • In carrying out the above, facilitate high levels of performance and support the motivation and development of direct reports.

3. Operational Management  

  • Communicate regularly with the Trainers, Associate Trainers and Operations to ensure they are briefed and fully prepared for upcoming delivery engagements.
  • Devise an annual resourcing plan in collaboration with the Head of Ops and Head of PS Europe.
  • Ensure the training schedule is fully resourced for the coming 6-12 months to maximise utilisation and minimise wear and tear on the team.
  • Work with others including the resource co-ordinator to continuously review fill rates, cancellations and ensure the business incurs minimum charges for maximum revenue and minimum costs whilst maintaining the client experience.
  • Seek to optimise resource allocation by meeting Resource Co-ordinator and/or Head of PS, Europe weekly.
  • Work closely with direct reports and other internal trainers to ensure that they are resourced onto work that is both interesting and motivating and supports their broader development, whilst balancing commercial demands.
  • Develop trainers and support opportunities to work in consultancy.
  • Proactively manage sales team expectations around resourcing constraints without creating additional challenge or difficulty.
  • Support the trainers to prioritise client work business development and balance this with supporting practitioners and product development needs.
  • To follow up any sales opportunities identified by the team during training delivery and ensure these are recorded on Salesforce and tasked to the relevant salesperson to pursue.
  • Ensure the storage of all up to date files and course materials are managed appropriately, up to date and communicate any changes to the Operations Team, Trainers across the business and Associates.
  • Ensure regular reporting of workshop participants who have not completed their qualification and ensure commercially viable action is taken to enable as many as possible of them to finish their qualification and become product purchasers.
  • Support with creating and monitoring the annual budget and costs for training delivery in the UK.
  • Review and sign-off expenses and travel in a timely fashion, in line with the company policies and budgets.
  • Complete own monthly timesheet and ensure appropriate completion by trainers to provide accurate and high-quality utilisation data for the business by the monthly deadline.
  • Review the evaluation data and trainee feedback for each programme and feedback on trainers to ensure that key quality standards are met.
  • Manage the expectations of the trainers from around business (not just direct reports) to ensure compliance with policy and ensure consistency across the team.
  • Undertake other projects and duties as prioritised by the business and agreed with Head of UK PS.
  • Support across the business with trainers and consultants as required.

4. Plan and support effective delivery

  • Work with the Head of Operations, Head of Sales and Head of PS, Europe to ensure that the public schedule is fully resourced by the end of Q3 for the coming financial year.
  • Work with the Operations and Sales teams to ensure that inhouse requests are managed proactively, with clear engagement with the customer on the driver for the training and resourcing the best fitting trainer for this work given skills/course required and giving consideration to workloads, variety and motivations of the trainers as well as margin, costs and availability.
  • Ensure any non-standard inhouse requests are escalated to the bid/no bid group for review and oversight and provide oversight and project management to ensure the smooth running of the work. 
  • Regularly review margins and escalate where margins are below the target level. 
  • Manage the associate trainers ensuring they remain well informed, engaged and available for flexible delivery in line with variations in demand. This includes communications, review conversations, updating of skills records and recruitment training of additional associates if required.
  • Remain contactable by trainers, venues and clients to ensure that any reasonable out of hours emergencies (sickness, travel delays, weather issues) are flagged and proactively addressed to ensure issues are managed, client’s expectations are managed and our staff are safe and supported. If necessary, step in at the last minute to training delivery to cover sickness and absence.

5. Monitoring Quality and Performance

  • Regularly review performance with trainers (inside and outside of the team), seek and provide feedback, review evaluation data and seek client feedback to help identify strengths and foster development.
  • Monitor and respond to any negative client feedback, discretely exploring with the trainer and escalating if appropriate. Handle or escalate complaints that require attention, by calling the client, investigating the complaint and taking action, with appropriate consultation, to restore client confidence and satisfaction. Record and log complaints and actions taken.
  • Review performance of the training function through a range of metrics identifying the performance of the function vs targets and expectations. These to include staff sickness, revenues, margins, cost avoidance activities, approach to avoiding the use of associates, feedback data on events and other success indicators as deemed appropriate.
  • Provide regular reports to the Head of PS, Europe on progress and monthly reports of highlights for the PS reports.
  • Seek to continuously improve processes, quality of data and quality of delivery in line with budget and PS plans.


Out of hours work will be required from time to time. Travel is occasionally required to the hosting location facilities, country offices and for training.

Hours of work will be 37.5 per week, normally worked within the period 08:00 to 18:00 - start/finish times will be arranged on a rota basis and some flexibility will be required.

This job profile is current as at the date shown below. In consultation with the post-holder it is liable to variation by management to reflect or anticipate changes in or to the job. To view the full job description please click here.